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C-Series / Cargo CF
1990 1978 CL, CLT 9000 Blower Switch Main Cntrl (at left side) 4 terminal D5AZ-19986 2601106
E-Series – E150, E250, E350, E450, E551
TRANSIT VAN – 150, 250, 350; HD
2017 2002 E150-550SD Blwr. Control Switch w/OE# F2UZ-19986B Call
2013 1997 E150-450SD Blwr AC/Htr Front Fan Switch w/OE# E6DZ-19986A 2601084
2007 1997 E350-550SD Blwr AC/Htr Fan Switch 4 Terminal w/OE# 1L2Z-19986AA Call
1996 1992 E100-350 Blwr Front Fan Switch w/OE# F4UZ-19986A 2601083
1991 1984 E100-350 Blower Switch w/OE# D5AZ-19986A 2601106
1981 1979 E100-350 Blower Switch w/OE# D3AZ19986A 2601104
F-Series F100/F550SD, F600-800
2007 1997 F150 550SD Blwr AC/Htr Fan Switch 4 Terminal w/OE# 1L2Z-19986A Call
1997 1992 F100-350 Blwr AC/Htr Fan Switch w/OE# F4DZ-19986A  
1991 1978 F100, F600-800 Blower Sw. From Series #CA0,001 D5AZ-19986-A 2601106
1978 1973 F100-350 Blower Sw. Before Series #CA0,001 D3AZ-19986-A 2601104
L-Series (Louisville Line – L, LA, LN, LNT, LTA, LTL, LTS; 8000/9500 Aeromax )
1992 1990 L, LN, LNT, LT, LT Blower Switch 800-900 w/Gas Eng F0HT-18C535AA
1991 1978 L, LN, LNT, LT, LT Blower Switch w/OE# D0HZ-19986A CALL
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